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Why We Feel for Families

Over the years Corporations have been known to move families on expat assignments and families jumped at the opportunity to earn better money while seeing the world. In the haste to earn more money and experience the lure of the adventure a lot of what really supports a family unit back home in their country of origin is not considered when committing to overseas assignments. Our We Feel Consultants have first hand experience of the highs and the lows of being part of a Fly in Fly Out Family aswell as the Expat Family. All of us have seen and lived both the highs and lows, and have learnt that with the extra bump on the pay check comes a dose of real life which includes the trauma of the death of your partner, the break down of your marriage, the stress of the move and the identity crisis that can follow for some trailing spouses. Throughout the overseas "adventure" there is chaos , confusion and trauma, you feel a lot, you hurt a lot, you sometimes laugh because the alternative is not an option. When moving abroad with our kids it adds other layers to potential future events and all these possibilities needs to be taken into account. This is where We Feel was birthed, because we felt and lived and experienced the traps and trimmings of living and working away from home and our children suffers most if we aren't prepared before we accept the bump in our earnings and board that flight. 


We Focus on the Family


Our Vision is to become the village with the support of community leaders that provide for our children a safe container to grow up in. No matter where you are in the world.

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